Why Choose Scorpion Protection as your security provider?

The Protection of Your Assets Today… Will Insure Your Growth For Tomorrow.

Securing those assets is your future, that’s why you need a professional security company that can overcome any unique challenges. Scorpion Protection Security Services specializes in On-site security, Mobile security, Remote Security, and risk management. With over 75 years in combined experience ranging in military, law enforcement, security management, and security guard training.

Scorpion Protection LLC

Scorpion Protection Security Services is adaptable, proficient and fully equipped to protect your assets at the highest degree of excellence. We regularly train our staff for a wide verity of scenarios emphasizing de-escalation and situation control. Our top priority is to maximize the safety and protection of our clients and their assets with the most efficient and cost effective solutions. Our team conducts extensive risk assessments to identify and align with your security needs, we provide the highest quality of security in South Florida and we take pride in doing so. Do not leave your future at the odds of chance, Scorpion Protection will secure your most important assets today, so you can focus on evolving your company for tomorrow.

Why clients choose Scorpion?

  • Honesty, transparency and complete clarity in our services and rates. Our pricing plan is upfront- no hidden fees or payments.
  • Tailored security solutions. We conduct a complete site analysis and design customized, cost-effective security plans based on your needs.
  • Timely and responsive services. Our security specialists are available to respond to your needs 24/7, whenever you need us.
  • Highly vetted and experienced staff. Our handpicked security officers have backgrounds in law enforcement, military and private security.
  • Rigorous training programs designed by experts. All our staff goes through regular training in the latest security techniques, policies and technologies.
  • Trained in CPR and AED. Our officers are qualified in basic first aid and can handle medical emergencies on site.
  • Detailed and professional reports. Our staff creates customized reports for each post for easy performance reviews and auditing.
  • State-of-the-art quality management systems. We maintain an ongoing, data-driven system of quality assessment and evaluation in order to consistently improve our services for our clients.

Professionalism is our Identity.

  • Our philosophy is simple; Professionalism in every area, this philosophy is embedded in every aspect of our security agency.
    The experienced management and officers we have, are committed to total customer satisfaction which gives us an excellent position in the market.
  • We’re made up of motivated people filled with team spirit and proud of the reputation we’ve earned through our commitment to total customer satisfaction. Always living up to our motto: Your satisfaction is our guarantee.
  • Proven management systems are ready to handle up to twice the current business volume without significant changes leaving a large unused capacity waiting to be filled.

Our Security Guards:

  • Always on time.
  • Have the skills, experience and training to accomplish his or her tasks.
  • Know how to communicate with others.
  • Trained to de-escalate any tense situation.
  • Versatile and able to multitask.
  • Know how to give and take orders.
  • Create a visual deterrent against crime.
  • Respectful of others.
  • Always look sharp.
  • Receive up to date training on the latest security techniques, policies and procedures in accordance with best practices.
  • Self motivated to keep their client safe and secure.
  • Maintain professional integrity and ALWAYS honest.
  • Trained on how to write professional and detailed reports.
  • Represent the company and client to the same standard of quality they represent themselves.

The purpose of our quality management system:

  • Establishing and maintaining an ongoing systematic program of monitoring data analysis assessment and comprehensive evaluation that supports continuous quality improvement.
  • Identifying opportunities and develop strategies to improve the delivery of security
  • provided to our customers.
  • promoting maximum active participation and commitment from all security officers and management in quality assessment and quality improvement activities.

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