Our slogan is straightforward; Provide professional service with a “we got your back” attitude. It’s not that complicated, It’s quite simple really, we emphasizes and pay extra attention to a combination of attributes; professionalism, integrity, reliability, and customer service! That’s the set of qualities that you should be looking for when comparing security agencies in Dade county.Scorpion Protection Security Company in Dade County

Our team at Scorpion Protection has over 75 years combined experience in the security service field.  The unique structure and background of our management team allows for Scorpion Protection to provide custom tailored armed and unarmed security services with superior customer satisfaction when compared to other security agencies in Dade county.

In today’s fast paced environment, companies must offer on-demand service to maintain a competitive advantage in their business. At Scorpion Protection we are able to provide Security Guard Services at a short notice. From the moment the you realize that you need security service Scorpion Protection will be with you step by step with your best interests in mind and providing you with a professional security service, you’re satisfaction is guaranteed.

We thrive at fast paced environments and on the challenge of meeting our clients security goals and needs. We’re experienced in the security industry, we are understand how things move fast!

At Scorpion Protection, we achieve security goals and complete projects safely and quickly. We thrive off the satisfaction that comes from placing a security team in place for a Sunday morning event, on Saturday evening!

Scorpion Protection is here to protect you and simplify your needs, not complicate your situation.

So when you are looking for security companies in Dade county, We want your business!

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