Things  you can do to protect your car from theft:

How to protect your Car from Theft


1. Always lock Your Doors

Most thieves look for easy targets and check random cars until they find an unlocked one. The first thing you should do is make sure your doors are locked whenever you exit your vehicle. It’s important to get into the habit of checking your car doors.


2. Never leave your keys in the Vehicle

Leaving your keys in the vehicle (even if it’s locked) attracts thieves, not only they will have total control of your vehicle but also now they have access to all of the keys left in the keychain (Home, Mailbox, Office, etc).


3. Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle

Leaving valuables in your vehicle such as (wallets, cellphones, laptops, bags, etc) will attract unwanted attention from thieves. Also tinting your windows (if its legal where you live) is a good idea to prevent people from looking inside your vehicle.


4. Do Not hide a Spare Key Near Your Vehicle

Thieves know where to look for your spare key. Keeping an extra key in or under your car is a very bad idea.


5. Live in an area where security is provided

Areas protected by security guard companies are less likely to be burglarized or vandalized. Having a security patrol service will deter criminals away from your community.


6. Always Close your Windows when you exit the vehicle

Leaving your windows open or even cracked will make your vehicle vulnerable to burglary, a thief can easily unlock your doors using a metal hanger through a cracked window.


7. Avoid parking in a dark area and look for parking spaces that have good lighting

Parking in a well-lit area will make your vehicle less targeted for theft at night, A thief will be less comfortable with the idea of breaking into your car if it’s parked in well-lit area where he can be easily spotted by neighbors and people passing by the area.


8. Invest in a good Alarm system

Installing an alarm system is one of the best ways to ensure your vehicle’s safety, if someone is trying to break into your vehicle the alarm will make a loud noise (usually using your horn) and that will alert you and most likely scares the thief away. Also using a lock on your wheels is a very good idea.



9. Pay attention to where you park your vehicle

Always Be aware of your surroundings when you park your vehicle, If you see someone suspicious loitering around the parking lot, try to park somewhere else. you can also download the app Neighbors by Ring and which will keep you updated with crimes and incidents in your area and provides you with pictures of suspicious people committing crimes in your area.


10. Install a tracking device or a Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

With a tracking device like Lo-jack, you can always find your vehicle before it gets too far and that will most likely give the police the advantage of locating your vehicle by pinpointing the exact GPS location before it gets disassembled and sold for parts.


11. Insure your vehicle against theft

In the event your car is stolen, the insurance company will reimburse you the cash value of your vehicle (if it’s insured against theft). If your auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage, you should be covered up to the actual cash value of your vehicle if your car’s ever stolen or damaged during a break-in. However, the liability and collision portions of your insurance will not cover car theft.