Why Hire Security Officers for Business

Scorpion Protection LLC, a Security Company in South Florida


Benefits of hiring a professional security officer services :


1) They deter criminals and stop crimes before they happen

Criminals usually look for easy unsecured targets, the presence of a sharp security officer can send a strong message that this business is highly protected and ready to be defended if necessary.


2) They Provide a Feeling of Security and Protection

Having security officers also provides the perfect way to protect your staff and customers. Employees tend to have better work performance when they’re safe and secure. Also, having security officers in and around your premises will help you retain your customers.


3) Security Officers have great customer service skills

Security officers not only protect your workplace but also provide basic customer services. For example, they can help a child find his or her parents, and give people directions when they’re lost. Customer service skills are a vital part of their training.


4) They’re trained on how to deal with Security and emergency issues

A professional security officer is usually the first line of contact and defense against any crimes occurring at your workplace. they’re highly trained and equipped with tools and knowledge to handle security issues better than anybody else at your premises. They know how to handle, prevent and react to suspects, collect information from witnesses, examine the area for safety vulnerabilities and protect victims. also, security officers will provide you with an incident report which can be used in court.


5) They Keep Your Premises Under Surveillance

Security officers will monitor your cameras, patrol the premises, manage and respond to your alarm systems, keep a log of your visitors and control your entrances and exits ( Gates, doors, etc)


6) The first to respond to an emergency

A security officer will the first to respond to an emergency situation before the arrival of the police. The average response time for a 911 call is 10 minutes. For example, if there was a crime being committed at your workplace it could take the police or EMT more than 10 minutes to arrive and control the situation. By this time, that’s more than enough time to cause major damage. it’s always a great idea to have someone to intervene immediately in case of an emergency.


7) Hiring a Security company will Lower Insurance Premiums

Hiring a security service company for your business will lower your business’s insurance premium rate. to insurance companies’ safe premises, customers and employees lower the chances of claims and lawsuits for multiple reasons: A secured business is less likely to be prone to lose for a theft or burglary, or for being attacked and injured due to trespassing, vandalism, assault, etc. A professional and well trained security officer will save your property losses and damages.

When your insurance provider comes to know that your business is protected by security officers, they will know that the chances of being affected by burglary or vandalism slim. In that case they will identify your business as low risk account and will lower the rate of your premium to retain you as a customer.

How to choose the right Security company?


  • Choose a medium sized local security company as they can provide you with a service tailored specifically to your needs and give you personal attention.
  • Look at their hiring process and how they choose their officers and employees (Background checks and drug testing are very important).
  • Make sure their only line of business is Providing security services.
  • Ask how they manage their officers (GPS Tracking, Body Cams, etc).



So, the above points are some reasons why Security officers are important to your business.